Do you desire a religious wedding service outside the walls of a church - just a simple
exchange of vows with just the two of you or maybe a few guests?

As Christan church ordained ministers, we have been offering our services since 2005
to couples in the Memphis/Shelby County, TN area who have no church affiliation, may
not attend church regularly or church members whose pastors refuse to marry them.
We never ask about your religious affiliation.

We do last minute ceremonies so call if you just got your license and want to get
married that day, otherwise you may make an appointment for a later date.

We also welcome tourists and couples who live outside our area. Tennessee has no   
waiting period and requires no blood tests to obtain a marriage license. County Clerks in
Tennessee and judges no longer perform marriage ceremonies.

For Eloping information including locations go to "Eloping" page. For great pics of some
of our couples visit the "Gallery" page. For information on obtaining your marriage
license go to the "Licenseinfo" page.
Weddings by Three Lilies Ministries

"I hired Rev. Patricia at the last minute.
She was very professional and had the
greatest attitude. We all cried over how sweet
the ceremony she recited was.  I could never
have asked for a more beautiful heart warming
wedding.  All the guests were impressed."
Mrs. Ruth Landford.    

"Rev. Shirley - Greetings from Mr. & Mrs. N.  We
wanted to surprise you!  This is just our way of
saying a small "Thank You" again!!! We really
appreciate everything you and your friend did on
our special day.  May God continue to pour out
Blessings on you and everything and everyone
that you touch!  You are a beautiful person!  
Thanks is not enough!  God Bless!"

"Rev. Shirley - We wish to express our
appreciation for your time and professional
involvement in a day that was so important to
us.  Our stay here has been a wonderful
experience and a memory that will stay with
us forever.  Thanks again for being a part of
our memories."
Mr. & Mrs. James Durman

"Rev. Patricia - We loved our ceremony
and felt so blessed to have you perform
it.  Donald wanted me to ask you if we
could have a print out of the words you
spoke, he wants to have them framed.
So we can live by them every day.  
Thanks again for our beautiful
Jackie Ferrell.

"Reverend Patricia,
We wanted to thank you for the beautiful wedding
ceremony that you performed for us.  It was the perfect
day and it could not have been planned any better.  We
will recommend you to any family or friends in the future.
Thank you for being a part of our wedding day."
Carla & Jerry Curle

"Shirley, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful
ceremony you performed for us  on September 10th.
You are truly a blessing! It was an absolutely beautiful
day and the ceremony wouldn't have been as perfect
without you!  I know God will continue to bless you in
this journey! You are beyond amazing.  Thank you for
Jake and Mandy Levi  
To: Rev. Shirley: "We just wanted to thank Reverend Shirley for
performing our wedding ceremony this past Saturday at Tom Lee
Park. We were on a tight budget but we couldn't have asked for a
more beautiful, heart warming ceremony. Our friends and family
were impressed and are very proud of us. We can't thank you
enough.  I have attached some pictures from the ceremony. We
greatly appreciated everything you've done for us!"
Mrs. Christian Poole and Mr. Zachary Poole

"Patricia, I wanted to thank you for performing our
ceremony.  The ceremony was short and to the point just
as we wanted it.  We had a wonderful wedding day."
Thanks again,
Leanne Pierce

"Rev. Patricia - I just wanted to send you a
quick note to say thanks for sticking with us
throughout our endeavor to get married.  The
ceremony was just the sweetest. Merle and I
both agree, we could have looked the world
over and couldn't have chosen a better
minister.  We again say thanks for all you did
to make this special for us."
Our love to you,
Judy and Merle Temple
"Shirley, We just wanted to thank you again for
Tuesday. You truly were amazing.  I have attached
the photo of yourself, myself and Wayne. I will be
sending you plenty of people in the future. Thank
you again."
Wayne and Jessica Blanton

"Rev. Bobby...I just wanted to thank you for the
wonderful ceremony you gave Tim and I this
weekend. I was so happy with how everything
turned out and I was delighted that you at least got
to see some of your game. We couldn't have asked
for a more beautiful day, the ceremony was
everything we wanted it to be and actually even
more wonderful than we ever dreamed of it being.
Again thank you for being so helpful!!!"
"Patricia was awesome. So glad God helped my
wife and I find her. I highly recommend
Three Lilies Ministries.
Thank you again,"
Terrance & Danielle Wynne

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